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We has been updated international restaurant database more than 80 countries and
100 area in Tokyo area for 15 years. As for local restaurant by prefecture of Japan,
refer to page "Japanese local restaurants in Tokyo".

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Recommended Restaurants by Foods

Korean Cool Noodle

Special Restaurant in Tokyo

Live Live Music & Dance
Authentic Authentic & Traditional Local Foods
Old Established Tokyo's Old Established restaurant
Michelin Michelin Tokyo's Choice
Vegitarian For Vegitarian & Vegan
Halal Halal Restaurants

※Please Check details to each restaurant.

Other Restaurants List

Japanese Local Food Restaunrants in Tokyo

Japanese Local Restaurant in Tokyo

Regional cuisine antenna shop of each prefecture in Tokyo is a bit of boom, the capital of Japan, Tokyo, local restaurant in Japan has also gathered a lot. Island cuisine, such as those of the rare areas that can not eat readily in.

International Restaunrants in Japan

International Restaunrants in Japan

International cuisine restaurants guide in Japan including Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Fukuoka. For Japanese only. So please use Google's translate system.


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