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Iceland アイスランド

Main foods used for the flag  国旗に使用した主な料理・食材】
pickled purple cabbage, caviar

Description of the Flag
Iceland (Icelandic: íslenski fáninn) was officially described in Law No. 34, set out on 17 June 1944, the day Iceland became a republic. The law is entitled "The Law of the National Flag of Icelanders and the State Arms" and describes the Icelandic flag as follows: The civil national flag of Icelanders is blue as the sky with a snow-white cross, and a fiery-red cross inside the white cross. The arms of the cross extend to the edge of the flag, and their combined width is 2/9, but the red cross 1/9 of the combined width of the flag. The blue areas are right angled rectangles, the rectilinear surfaces are parallel and the outer rectilinear surfaces as wide as them, but twice the length. The dimensions between the width and length are 18:25.→details -wikipedia

アイスランドの国旗は青地に赤と白のスカンディナヴィア十字が描かれた旗。青は古くからアイスランドの国民色と考えられている。この旗が採用されるまでは、青地に白い十字架のみの旗がアイスランドのシンボルとして用いられていた。→詳細 (wikipedia)