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Belize ベリーズ

Main foods used for the flag  国旗に使用した主な料理・食材】
purple potatoes, tomatoes, rice

Description of the Flag
The flag of Belize is a continued version of the earlier flag of British Honduras (the name of Belize during the British colonial period).British Honduras obtained a coat of arms on January 28, 1907, which formed the basis of the badge used on British ensigns. The coat of arms recalls the logging industry that first led to British settlement there. The figures, tools, and mahogany tree represent this industry. From 1950 onward an unofficial national flag was in use. It was blue, with a modified version of the arms on a white disc in the centre (sometimes a blank white circle was used as the coat of arms was difficult to draw). The national motto, Sub Umbra Floreo, meaning “I Flourish in the Shade”, is written in the lower part of the coat of arms.→details -wikipedia

ベリーズの国旗は、1981年9月21日に制定された。この国旗は1950年に英領ホンジュラス(ベリーズのイギリス領時代の名前)が独立運動を開始した際に決められた。独立後に上下の赤線が追加され、現在のデザインとなった。中央はベリーズの国章である。→詳細 (wikipedia)

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